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Why Fans Love Louis' Music

Anshita, India: Louis' music, it's something else. You just don't play it and forget there's a song playing but instead you actually stop what you're doing to listen to his voice. His songs has really helped me through my depression and I'm glad I was able to find this wonderful talented lad. Love you Louis!

Kat, Belgium: Louis’ voice. It’s clarity, it’s distinctiveness. And his lyrics, always authentic, witty, strong...

Jordan, Arkansas, USA: Louis' music has a way of touching lives and putting his own vibe and spin on his songs. So far, all the songs that he's released have been nothing short of impeccable. I can't wait to hear what new flavors he comes up with for his other songs. I love you more than you know Louis.

Tahseen Farha, India: Louis is a great person and he inspires me to love what we have he's so adorable. The way he sings and all the effort he puts is incredible. He has so much potential. Much loving character.such blessing person. I would to meet him. And it would be amazing if he do a concert in India.

Anna, Canada: I think full of other singer are writing music for create a big hit and be famous and are forgetting the main reason why most people likes music: the feeling that create the song while you listen to it.. But with Tommo, I can feel the emotion behind the song, it’s very inspiring. He is not doing it for the fame or for pleasing others, he is writing without thinking that others might not like his song. If you are reading this, I don’t know if you can really understand what I want to say, I speak french so it’s kinda hard to find the right words..

Molly, Ireland: Louis makes his music meaningful and as a fan of Louis knowing his personality and who he is, us fans know the effort he puts into his music and his voice also gives me chills.

Maud, The Netherlands: I love Louis' music because his voice is unique and so, so, so beautiful. I can't describe it but I fell in love with his voice the very first time i heard it. I was like, "Woah, this voice is great, I need to hear more of this".

Anna, Germany: It took me .5 seconds to fall for Louis. He's a genuinely good and unselfish human being who does so much for others although he has to go through so much himself. He writes very smart lyrics and his voice is something you'd recognise everywhere.

Choncena, Dublin: I love Lous music because I feel like there are so many singers that don't take part in writing the music they sing but Lou actually writes his songs and takes his time writing it and the fans can actually see that it come from the heart. I also like his music because his voice is so soothing and his accent is lovely. Honestly i'm always dying to get updates about his album haha. Anyways hopefully Lou sees this amazing website you guys made for his fans (:

Nicole from Paraguay: I love Louis’ music and him as well ‘cause I think he’s one of the best persons I’ve ever seen and his music is just like heaven I can’t wait for him to drop his album. I love him because his music and his quirky interviews were there for me when no one was, when I felt defeated, when I felt like the only way to end all those bad feelings was ending my life. And he did more than my family for without even knowing I exist. That’s why I love him, his music, and everything about him.

Deniz, Turkey: Louis' voice is so unique it made 1D sound like sweet candy. He IS 1D's signature voice. He's fought for more mature, deep lyrics through their time in the band. Other than that, his voice is.. just like honey, really. So lovely, so beautiful. It knows when to cut you up like a knife, and it knows when to hold you close with loving arms when you need it. If "pure, warm, soft hug" became music, it'd be Louis' music. I'm not even gonna get into his eyes. Those eyes. Damn.

Jasmin, Orlando, Florida: I love his voice it’s soft and so unique. He’s got such a sweet way of delivering the words. It really is like angels singing if we knew what angels sounded like it’s probably like Louis singing.

Grace: Louis was always my favourite in 1D and I think a lot of people underestimated him. His voice may not have been like the others but it was still beautiful. The music he makes now suits his voice and personality really well and that makes me happy knowing he’s doing something he wants. He understands his fans and makes his lyrics so relatable to us and him as well. He tells a story. Keep making us proud x

Eduarda, Brazil: I love Louis' music because it makes me feel good in ways that no other music or artist has ever been able to do. I also love his voice because it's soft and makes me calm when I'm nervous. Basically I love everything on him.

Muskan(smile)bhonsle, India: I really love Lou songs it is like he is explaining my lyf back to u is dedicated 2 #1d bcoz I m comin bck 2 1d even the splited.just lyk u -my bff she is my 2nd version.miss u- to my big cousin sister bcoz he passed a month ago nd louis is my dream boy I love to hav a bf like louis l love u louis soo much more than me  lv lv u soo mch u also came to my dream really lysmstay happy stay crazy as u r

Lillian: Just wanted to tell Louis, keep up the good work! And thank you for always being so down to earth and real :) xoxo lots of love

Katie, London: Lyrically Louis’ music speaks to me in ways that no other artist has ever been able to do as he can tell parts of his story in a way that is so painfully relatable. Musically, I love Louis’ voice because it is so calming and soft - I could listen to it forever! I love Louis with all my heart because he creates a safe place for us within his music and I can’t wait for the album. Love you Louis, I’m so proud of you!! Hope you’re proud of yourself too xxx

Mijntje, the Netherlands: Louis's music is more than just the music to me. Louis is an amazing lyricist. When you listen to his songs it feels like he’s telling you a part of his story. Louis and his music makes me smile at times in my life when it is difficult for me to smile. It feels like having someone out there who accepts you no matter what.

Mariana, Mexico: I love Louis music just because he feels what he is singing, and if he can feel it i can too, because the lyrics of his songs (especially JLY) tell the truth what many of the other songs do not do, he makes me feel or understand things that I did not do before, I love his music because of what he transmits to me, so Louis is not for what others they see him. Practically my heart almost comes out of my chest when I hear some of his songs, I love the rhythm, his damn angel voice (IS SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL), I like the combination of that more instrumental, I like everything. When I sing One Direction songs I always shut up when the Louis solo comes because I like to enjoy listen his voice (I could drug myself with the voice of Louis either singing or telling me to fuck off). I'm so proud of him and i want the album. And if Lou is reading this Hi Loueh! How are you? I hope you are well, i love you so much,I hope everything goes well and that we continue to be the best team because I would love to see you grow as an artist and as a person and be able to tell my children that I had the best idol, I know that the album will be as beautiful as you are; The truth is that I do not only love your music or how you are physically, I love you for what you really are, I love that you are humble, I love how you support others or how you defend them, I love that you can get a smile out more than 1 person. All the love. Xxx.

Hafsa, Manchester UK: I know he feels what he's singing, and that makes me feel it too. His music is honest and down to earth and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time, just like he is. Louis' voice is special, I'll always know who's singing from the first second, and there's something incredibly welcoming about it.

Tina - Peterborough UK: The pureness of his heart shines out even through the sass. His voice is filled with emotion. His lyrics appear simple on the surface but when you stop and think they are amazingly deep and spot on. He loves his family - he loves his friends - he loves all his boys and they all clearly deeply love him back. His biggest wish is to make people happy - and he succeeds in that wish with me.

Enggar, Tangerang: At first I saw Louis on tv in mv "Back To You". And my first impression was like "OMG, WHY IS THIS MAN IS SO DAMN GORGEOUS?" Then I started googling about him, watched all his videos on YouTube. I feel like have fallen in love with him at the first sight. And I could easily recognize his voice in 1D songs. His voice is so soft and unique, it warms my heart. Love you, Louis.

Asha, Malaysia: I never was a fan of 1Direction before, but I had stumbled upon Hey Angel, and was immediately hooked to Louis' part in it. From then on, I've been researching him, and now am a proud fan of his work! His voice is incredibly unique and distinct, and lifts all the songs in a special and vibrant way. He is also so capable of injecting an enormous amount of emotion in his voice; which makes sense as he writes his own lyrics and has done so for many of 1D's songs, and we can tell that it comes from his heart. My own heart skips a beat when he sings- he's so capable of reaching out to his listeners as he himself is such an open, honest, and down-to-earth person, and that shines through in his lyrics and singing. His brilliant and wonderful personality and compassion is well known; he continues to support numerous charities- both known to public and anonymously. This shows what a truly giving and open-hearted person Louis is inside, and he inspires me to one day, give back to society as well. Louis, if you're reading this, hi! Also, I hope for you to know that we, your fans, do see the real you, and will continue to love and support you throughout your career, come what may. Love you loads Louis, and may your future be as bright as your smile!

Carina, Portugal: All people have to listen at least once in their entire life to a song by Louis! It's fantastic. The melody ... his voice, everything! Video clips are surreal, something unimaginable!! I love Louis Tomlinson and I'm very proud of him! <3

Rachel , Hong Kong: I didn't become a fan of Louis (or a directioner) for many years. In fact, I became a fan when I first heard Louis' solo part in Back To You. Getting addicted to the song, I uncontrollably streaming the rest of his. I have never heard a voice that is so unique and easily recognised. Magical more like. Louis' songs are always so catchy and the melody is brain-washing, making me continuously listen to his works but never get bored. In terms of the lyrics, I am genuinely amazed by the fact that Louis writes all the lyrics for his music...they are down-to-earth, very honest and touching. I really appreciate Louis for opening up his true self to us and the free spirit he has to not let anyone destroy the faith and beliefs he holds up to. While writing this message on 22nd Feb 18, I am very excited that Louis is about to drop his 1st album!!!!Cannot imagine we all get to listen to his angelic yet powerful voice for many minutes !!!! xx

Melina, Argentina: Hey love, first I want to tell you that I love you with all my soul and that thanks to you I was able to deal with many difficult episodes in my life, I still do it; and second, I want to tell you that I hope the album the merch and the tour with eagerness, I hope you come to Argentina because you do not give an idea of how much I want to go to see you in concert. Thank you for all your love, you make me really happy and I do not know what I would do without your voice, your songs, your face, your everything. You are beautiful inside and out, a magical person, I love you baby. Please don't forget Argentina ** bc we are the best**

Shane, Virginia: I love Louis because of his amazing looks, great personality, and caring attitude towards others. His music is amazing and I love the style he’s going for. If I were to describe him in one word it would be: ASTONISHING! Can't wait to hear the album!

Kat, USA: Louis' voice is so distinctive and so sweet, you can't help but smile when you're listening to his music. I truly hope that one day he'll have a team that will promote him and his music so that the rest of the world will also know how wonderful he is.

Inaya, USA: 

Louis is a fighter and so am I
Will be his fan til I die
They tried to hold him down
Tried to mess him up
But he just won't quit nah
He just won't stop
That's why he's gonna rise
and stay on top!

Dwight, Philippines: At first I was captivated by his happy attitude, his sass and playfulness but when I actually listen to him singing that my oh shit in my life. Btw I'm an old new fan of him. I saw him auditioned but I don't quite stay and waits for their song . It just happen this 2017 when I accidentally saw him on Youtube l didnt even know his grown from cute little guy to this amazing man. I dont appreciate the way music today. But we quite like his music its different. I am more of a local guy. I first saw him in his audition on XF, out of all who audition His the one I like the most. But after that I never heard of him again because I was too engrossed with my study until march 2017. I was too shocked to know that 1D is already on break, I don't like 1D that much but if I'm going to listen to their song it's Louis voice i seek the most no pun intended and its very disappointing that he doesn't much have solo back then. Then my sister playing "Just Hold On" and I thought the voice was very familiar. My sister was like " I really like this song, it's full of hope, his pretty good " and that start of me digging my own 7 ft below the ground moment because that time his releasing BTY and I cant get enough of it. I am one of those who stay until midnight just wanted to be there when he drop the song and it blasted our house until morning and until now I'm here expecting more music from him. Not to be biased but his music is too different with the other guys, not just the way but also the meaning behind the song, while most artist releasing catchy sensual them, his releasing a music a sad one in happy tune but also the hope was there. I don't know maybe its just me, but I believed if his going to tour in my country I'll sit in the front row. Not just his music but I love Louis Tomlinson personality.

Valentine, Australia: Older person whom 1D bypassed completely, I discovered them after SOTT & the HS album at which time JHO was out and BTY was coming - what an anticipation that was. Simply adored Louis as a person and as a singer/songwriter instantly. His cover of 'Look after you' is mesmerising and so astonishing, and his contribution to 1D songs cannot be overstated. I know we all love his voice, there is simply no comparison, which is a huge asset with too many singers who sound so boringly similar. And equally, it is the style of his songs that is wonderfully different from most of the current offerings and this is why it will be magic to listen to his full album and discuss afresh why we love Louis' music.

Luke, Puerto Rico: Louis was always treated as the least credible member of 1D when in my eyes I saw the opposite. Louis is such a talented singer and especially songwriter and I think even after his career comes to a stop I imagine Louis becoming a producer or mentor, since it goes with his passions. I've always admired how charitable and kind he is to everyone he meets and especially how strong he's stayed during such a tough year. You inspire me to be my best self mate! Lots of love <3

luv_winsalways, Texas: When diagnosed with cancer, I freaked out. Then, I noticed all the children that were battling this disease. I realized how blessed I was for my time on earth. His love & support for the Eden Dora kids touched me deeply. His voice & 1D music soothed me during treatments & his He music touches my soul and he is an inspiration.

Alice, Oregon: Louis makes me feel. The very sound of his voice gives me peace and an awareness of love surrounding me. He has the voice of an angel and he's masterful at expressing emotion. He is one of the most caring, sweet people I know. It's an absolute honor to be a fan.

Martina, Bali: His songwriting is so pure yet intriguing. Keeps you wondering what's the story behind it and drags you in for soo much more. I've only learned about 1D since MITAM, however, I loved Louis and his music, right the second I learned about him.

Victoria, Russia: I love Louis' music because he is very honest in his lyrics. The words make me empathize with him, but at the same time make it clear that all will be well. In any case I can not give up. His voice makes me forget about all problems and just feel at home. Thank you very much.

Lelu, Paraguay: Coming with absolute objectivity from a music enthusiast, Louis Tomlinson is one of the best lyricists of his generation. his ability to give lyrics such powerful feelings is one talent that a lot of other people working in the music industry nowadays would kill for.

Ana Carolina, Brazil: I love Louis music because no matter what mood you're in, his songs have their own souls that makes you connect with him and suddenly you don't feel alone anymore. Mostly, his songs inspires us to be strong and to believe in the future no matter how hard things are right now and that is really special

A, Bogotá: I love Louis' music because it inspires me to believe in me, and to fight for what I want, thanks Louis for blessing us with your voice and talent, we don't deserve such an excellent person as you are. Thanks for teaching me not to give up. I love you xx.

Brandi, Wisconsin: Louis' unique voice gives his songs an amazing sound and his lyrics are so relatable. It makes me truly feel all the emotions he's conveying in his music.

Katie, New York: Louis' music makes me happy and inspires me to be the person I want to be. It gives me the courage to be myself and more importantly, to keep going. His music has also taught me to love myself for who I am, something I've always struggled to do.

Solène - Belgium: His music is real, I can easily relate to the lyrics of his songs and I love the general vibe of his music !

Heilika, Estonia: I love louis' music because Lou is the best singer and he's music makes me dance and love everything. His music is something special.

Daniela, Medellín-Colombia: I love louis music because it's inspiring, Louis has taught me to keep going no matter what, because at the end of the day we will win the battle. Thanks Louis for your effort and your talent, keep going we have your back!! Can't wait for the album.

Jen, USA: For me it is simple. Louis' music makes me feel. It makes me feel happy, sad, angry, and loved. His voice is unique and I love the way it gets raspy at points. I also appreciate that he is involved in writing of his music. He has a story to tell and he is a master story teller.

Michelle, Spain: Louis' music is different. He's not afraid to go back to certain things that people liked years ago, but he does it in his way so it still sounds much better. He has a scratchy but sweet voice, I don't think he has those type of voices that you think they're all the same, so the moment you listen, you can recognize him. Not only that but the emotions vibrate through his voice, and not everybody can do that.

Jenn,Toronto: There's something about Louis' music when he sings that makes me emotional and calm. He has such warmth in his sound. You can feel his emotions through his voice. It's unique and easy to fall in love with. His writing credits are also brilliant also. He really wants to share his stories through his writing, and are easy to relate to. I cannot wait to hear his album. Thank you Louis for being you.

Valen, Argentina: Louis has such an amazing and unique voice that really makes him stand out. His lyrics also resonate with a lot of people and so far in his solo career he's demonstrated that he's very adaptable and can perform different genres and sound amazing in all of them. He's also really down to earth and he loves his fans, which makes stanning him really rewarding.

Sabrina, UK: I love Louis' music because Louis has such a unique and endearing voice, the lyrics to his songs are so brilliantly crafted and the production of his songs are so carefully put together. It shows Louis' passion for music and song writing as well as his raw honesty and charisma.

Lily, Spain: His voice is sweet but powerful at the same time and it conveys emotion, an emotion that is able to reach people's hearts. That's what I'm looking for in a voice. It has to make me feel something. And Louis has that effect in all of us. He makes us feel. I'm proud to say that I love his music. He is a legend, a great person!!!

Vet: Louis' music is heaven, a blessing to anyone who hears it...

amela, Costa Rica: Louis's voice just honestly brings me to my knees. It's at once powerful and vulnerable and you can just feel the emotion flowing out of it. Every song Louis puts out is magnificent because you can tell that he carefully considered every detail of it and made it the best he could. I love Louis's music because it makes me feel at home, because it feels like Louis is singing it with everything he has. It's the lyrics and the melody and how human it is. It simply makes me incredibly happy.

L, USA: I love Louis's music in particular because every song sounds so different from the other, but they all are warm, soft and inviting. Even in his more punk-like sounds, he's still strings along a melancholy after tone that's bittersweet. His confidence in his own music has made listening to him a pure delight. Looking forward to more from Louis Tomlinson!

Calvin, NYC: Louis is such a kind, talented and intelligent person. Even with complete strangers, he shows how much he cares. His voice and leadership made 1D great. He's clearly proud of who he is, and has given me the bravery to come out and accept myself. He deserves the world.

Cee, USA: I love Louis and his music because it speaks to me on a human level. The lyrics that he writes and the emotion he puts into his songs makes me feel a special connection to him. I think he is so strong, intelligent, and creative, and he's passionate about his craft - and all of that comes through in his music. I'm a fan of him as an artist, and I'm a fan of him as a person. I believe in him and his wonderful talent, and cannot wait to hear his full album!!!!!

Khori, USA: Louis' music makes me the happiest. Before he started putting out solo content, i would loop one direction songs that he'd written and replay his solos. I love his voice; i think it's very sweet and unique. I love his kind of tone throughout all of his songs, the way he writes them, the language he uses. It's very relatable and lovely. Thirdly, I love Louis as a person which makes listening to his music even better.

Carissa, USA: I love everything about Louis' music. His lyrics, his emotion, his honesty and his voice. His music has helped me in many ways over the years. Whenever I feel hopeless or anxious, I listen to Just Hold On, and it calms me. I already know his album will be my favorite album ever.

Maite S., Temuco, Chile: I love Louis music because it is honest and sincere. I personally can have an awful day but when I listen to his music all my problems go away. He is an amazing human being with and incredible talent. He deserves all the success he's getting and much more.

Julia, Cape Town, RSA: 'I can't explain how I feel but I can find a song that can' That's what Louis' music does for me. Heaps of admiration for all he has been through & yet he hasn't lost his wicked sense of humour. Much love X

Laurie, Long Island NY: Louis is real. He’s an amazing writer,you feel like he gets it. His voice is just beautiful. He’s a loyal,loving and generous man. You can sing to it,dance, laugh and cry. It just touches you in every way. He’s what a singer/songwriter should be... Real. Honest. Human.

Giovana, Brazil: eu amo o meu nenê e a música dele porque não importa a merda que aconteça, ele sempre vai transmitir toda a positividade, paz e, principalmente, a verdade sobre ele mesmo e sobre tudo que acontece por meio das letras. I love my baby and his song because no matter what the shit happens, it will always convey all the positivity, peace and, especially, the truth about himself and everything that happens through the lyrics.

E. Maracaibo, Venezuela: Louis gives me strength, his music, his lyrics, his life, everything he does inspire me to be a better person. He is a fighter and deserves all the love and happiness.
Louis me da fuerza, su música, sus letras, su vida, todo lo que hace me inspira a ser una mejor persona. Es un luchador y merece todo el amor y la felicidad del mundo.

Ananya: I'd always listen to the initial albums of 1d and the voice that would stand out the most for me would be Louis'. He'd perfectly carry the entire harmony adding that light ethereal quality to it . And then he started writing lyrics.....the honesty would just humble me. No wonder everyone sings along to 1d songs but just stop and listen to Louis sing.

Elkoanonloveslarry, NV, USA: Louis’ musical artistry is phenomenal. His voice is full of the richest tones. His lyrics heal wounds, stir emotions, remind, excite, and charm. I’m so impressed with what Louis brings to the musical world, and what he personally provides to the actual world in personality, strength, and kind acts. Louis is a force to be reckoned with and the epitome of grace under pressure.

Anki, Australia: I've always gravitated towards Louis' vocals in 1D recordings and even back in the early days of 1D would find myself hitting repeat on his solos. I can tell his vocals anywhere; his voice is so distinctive, versatile and emotive. I love that he is really finding his own voice now in his solo career - in his songwriting, vocals, and performance. Louis seems like a beautiful human being as well - compassionate, generous, humble, kind, funny, smart, but he's also a 'street-fighting' man in the best possible way. I'm looking forward to his upcoming album and many more albums to come!

Becca, US: Louis and his music makes me smile at times in my life when it is difficult for me to smile. That fact alone is worthy of the world.

Veronica, Russia: Louis is a great person, writer, singer. He's my only idol - I have never and no one had such a connection with him. Talent, music, lyrics Louis - just amazing. He has the perfect voice that you always want to listen to, his songs were always with me in difficult and happy moments. Listening to the songs Louis you feel he's singing only for you, not knowing me, my life - he, his songs and voice have helped me. I'm just incredibly happy that Louis came into my life, helping to cope not with the most happy life. I would like all this to tell Louis about how he and his songs are important to me and just hugging. I'm blessed to live in the time of Louis Tomlinson. Happiness to be Louie and know that he mutually loves and appreciates you. I write all this without exaggeration. My love, my dream, my endless universe - Louis William Tomlinson and the music that gets to the heart and soul !!!

Addie, Canada: Louis’ voice is unique. He can convey so much emotion when he sings and he makes you feel what he’s feeling. He is talented and amazing and the world deserves to hear him. I absolutely cannot wait to hear his album.

Ann, Germany: Louis' voice calms me down and hypes me up at the same time. It's incredibly versatile and he knows exactly how to use it. I can't wait to hear the songs he has in store for us in 2018 - if they're as epic as the ones he released so far, we're in for a treat!

Amy, Virginia: Louis' voice is so unique. There's literally no one else that sounds like him. He's an amazing lyricist and I'm so excited to see what the album has in store for us. His voice is the perfect blend of vulnerability and power and his songs have helped me through some of the worst times in my life.

Veronica, Australia: I love Louis' music because it's completely his own style. You can't say that he copies others in his music, because the sound is all his own. He puts so much effort into each song and it shows, both in live performances and in studio versions.

Jen, Salem, MA, USA: Do you have that one song that is just YOUR song? I never had one of those, all the decades of my life, until Louis Tomlinson came along. End of the Day is my anthem. Home describes me. Strong inspires me. Just Hold On pulls me onto my feet when I want to give up. He's given me music for ME, not just music to appreciate. Other people feel the same exact way about these same songs for entirely different reasons. That is the mark of an extraordinary songwriter.

Vanya: I love Louis' music because I feel a special connection with him. Every feeling that transmits through words and melodies catches me, steals my breath, I feel identified. It makes me feel many things at the same time and each feeling is unique. Something difficult to explain.

Lucero: I love his music because he's honest, simple as that. We get to know Louis William Tomlinson, the lad that grew up in Donny and was a total momma's boy. He trusts us enough to share his experiences throughout life with us. We get to know the real him and not the person the media portrays him as. His music just further confirms that he's just another human being that lives through romance, heartbreaks, disappointment, etc. He's being honest with himself and us, and I love and appreciate that. He's not trying to tell a story, like he did in 1D, he's writing his OWN personal experiences. Right now, the industry is quite shit. People don't think about the quality or meaning behind a song, they just dance to whatever sounds catchy. Louis isn't that type of artist. Like I've said so many times, this is HIM. Our Louis.

Lili, Glasgow, UK: Louis's voice, his music, his lyrics, his talent - it all translates into the feeling of being home, of having someone out there who accepts you no matter what. Listening to his music makes you feel like there's someone out there who doesn't know you, has never met you, but still cares about you, encourages you to be who you are, writes songs for you, wants to share his thoughts, feelings, experiences with you. The way he writes is personal, but universally relatable, and it's not often that you like someone's music this much and when you look into the artist they don't just turn out to be genuine, kind and caring, but not dismissive of their younger, female fans either. Kudos all around.

Bella, Moscow, Russia: because i love ART, I once came across a comment which I 100% agree with: "we sing along to 1d songs, but when Louis's verse comes we shut up to appreciate the art". Also, Louis, "when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while". I am glad I can witness you take over the world.

Kaylee: his music is absolutely incredible! the sound is unique and catchy, with an amazing beat that can get anyone’s head bobbing. while the lyrics are extremely relatable and up for interpretation, and so deep and meaningful that you can’t help but tear up and get emotional as you literally feel Louis’ emotions pour out into song form. his songs make me feel at home even when i’m far from it.

Maaike, the Netherlands: I loved Louis’ beautiful voice already in 1D and it’s amazing to hear other work from him now. His sound is unique and caries so much emotion. He is very versatile, has already done awesome collabs and his MVs are spot on. Above all he is a very nice, caring, intelligent and beautiful person. It makes me proud to be his fan!

Andrey,Venezuela: I love Louis' voice so f**cking much, he's got such an unique kind of voice,it always stand it to me since the early songs with 1D, it's been a pleasure being his fan because he isn't only a great singer but an amazing person too, like he's the whole package, the voice, the face and the talent. Louis William Tomlinson is a pleasure being your fan, popstar. xoxo

Anna, Poland: I love Louis' music for the simplicity and truth. His songs are very diverse, the 4 so far released songs have been very different from one another and every is amazing. He's a very very talented songwriter, he puts everything in simple but poetic words, very understandable and yet having a lot of depth. Everyone can find something among what Louis creates.

Jacky: I love Louis' music because his lyrics are so relatable, and his voice evokes emotion in a way that I've never heard before. His songs always brighten up my day.

Valeria, Veracruz, Mexico: Louis voice is unique. Without his voice one direction wouldn't be the same, because it gives their songs that special touch they need. Also he's a lyrical genius, only a few people can express their feelings with just a few words, and it really catches you. Like, the first time I listened to home I was going through hard times trying to accept myself, and when I listened the song I just felt safe. I love him so much and i'm really proud of being a Louie <3

Alessia, Italy: It’s in in his raspy, unique voice. It’s in how honest he manages to sound when he sings. It’s in the obvious effort and time he puts in every single thing he does, because he’s passionate and humble and hard-working and it just shows through his music and especially his lyrics, because he’s able to describe emotions with such raw sincerity it blows my mind.

River, Toronto, Canada: Louis is in incredible lyricist. He has a way of storytelling in music which draws the listener in and has depth as well. His voice is unique and has the most beautiful tone. You can tell he puts his passion into his music and the songs he creates are enjoyable to listen to time and time again!

Nana, Colombia: I love Louis' music for his incredible voice, which fits into any musical genre, I love his ability to produce incredible lyrics, I love his intelligence and the effort he puts into each of his projects, I love the perfectionist he is. I'm grateful to call myself a fan of him, he's an incredible artist with an incredible soul, I can't wait to have the album in my hands, I know that I will blow my mind. Finishing I love you Louis, I love Louis the artist and Louis the person (the real one).

Nathalie, Belgium I adore Louis' voice. It moves my heart, body and soul. It is a joy to dance to him, sing along with him, feel pain with him. He provides me with the opportunity to listen to a fresh, new artist together with my teenage son. Like ABBA said, "thank you for the music". (for lthq, thank you, both of you for the beautiful site)

Georgia B: I have always had a soft spot for LT and seeing him embrace his tastes and talent in music makes me so proud. His music is different, simple and powerful. It is so beautiful to see him perform and express himself and this site showcases his uniqueness incredibly!

Pia: his voice what else! you can literally hear his passion from just listening to him sing. louis' music reminds me of my youth. being a massive fan of green day, wheatus, blur and foo fighters, it made me so pumped to hear him bring back pop, punk, alternative rock sound that is missing in the airwaves right now. and who else to revive it but louis tomlinson no less. i can't wait for louis album and his tour!

Kimberly, Florida: I love Louis’ music because it feels like a good friend telling a genuine story, full of emotion and wit. His lyrics are evocative without being obtuse, and the production is always of a high quality. His attention to detail at every level is evident. And oh man, that voice. His voice makes me smile. Every time.

Nat, Ireland:  For me, hearing Louis` voice for the first time was a true love at first sight sort of deal. He has that rare quality in a voice where the tone, the way someone annunciates their words, the way they let emotions come through, all blend into this fascinating thing that makes you stop and pay attention.

Vanessa, Chicago, US: Louis is an amazing lyricist. When you listen to his songs it feels like he’s telling you a part of his story. We really never understand a person until we consider things from their point of view. Louis has help me through music to just hold on. I am forever grateful to him.

Zsana, Hungary: I love Louis’ music because it feels like home. It dosen't matter where I am or how I feel, he always there for me with his music and beautifully written lyrics. It feels like I'm not alone anymore. He taught us to be brave, kind and loving. He is a legend and I'm very proud of him. Much love! <3

Amanda, Michigan, USA: I love Louis’ music because it is always smartly produced, and because his vocals are so incredibly unique and special. No one else sounds like Louis!

Andrea: Lyrics Louis has written in Home, Just Hold On and Just Like You have all helped me go on in my darkest days and come to love myself. His voice is pleasing to my ears and my heart, and being a Louie is an honor.

Shannon, US: It's rare to find a musician who has the ear for lyrics, rhythm and melody. Louis has all of that. His songs are catchy but still very deep and always make me feel something whenever I listen!

Lynda,UK: Louis’ music helped me at a time when I could barely get out of bed. I listened to Just Hold On on repeat, it’s lyrics resonating with me in a way no other song did. Thank you Louis, you will never know how much you have done for me, but it means the world ◟̽◞̽ ‬

Jen, Michigan: Louis' voice is so unique and lovely and he sings with so much emotion he makes you feel the lyrics. I love all the different styles of his music and I'm so excited to hear his album!

Miglena, London, UK: Louis is such a genius songwriter! The combination of lyrics, clever, honest, poetic, that always go to your heart; his unique powerful voice and delivery full of emotion; the sound and production, the layers and attention to detail.

Nadia: Louis' music reminds me very much of the bands I used to listen to, so it brings back good memories and feels personal, but at the same time it sounds refreshing, not nostalgic. I believe he's going to breathe life into pop punk :)

Mon, Brisbane, Australia: Louis is inspirational, strong, brave & compassionate & his lyrics have a way of reaching into your core & his songs resonate within you. He is a truly beautiful soul.

Sofie, Copenhagen, Denmark: I love Louis' voice. It has a unique, plaintive tone to it that reminds me of country music. It always stands out in a group of singers. I also like the intelligence of his lyrics and the way he tells a small story with each of his songs.

Chelsea, NY, US: Louis is an innovator. His distinct voice and unique sound easily stand out among the masses. He showcases his warm, slightly raspy tone with catchy melodies and lyrics that are both relatably blunt and always poignant, whether he’s musing on the personal, professional, or the inspiring relationship he has with his fans. He makes choices sonically that are always ahead of the curve, acknowledging current trends while establishing a lane that is entirely his own. Louis’ dedication to his craft and his fans is undeniable. I am beyond proud to call myself a fan, and so excited to watch and listen to him evolve as an artist.

Em, Phoenix, AZ, USA: I love Louis' music because he can express so many emotions with just a few lyrics, and I get to come along for the ride then and feel those same things, from hope to loneliness to determination to joy and countless others in between.

Taylor, Lansing, MI, US: Louis’s lyrics inspire me everyday and I can always count on his music to bring a smile to my face no matter what. Thanks for this amazing website it is amazing and gives me so much hope. I'm so proud to be a Louie!!

Elaine, North Ireland: His voice! His tone and delivery stand out a mile on radio. Whatever genre he sings in his beautiful vocals are instantly recognisable as him. He always sounds sincere. Whether he’s being fun, sarcastic or heartbroken - I think you feel it. Not many artists can do that.

Suzanne, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: I love Louis' art because of his voice. It's full of emotion and really great to listen to. The "punk" vibe of Miss You is all I want, the guitars and chorus!! Thank you so much Louis.

Laura, Paris, France: I love Louis' music because the songs he makes look so simple but it you pay attention to the small detail you get a look at how Louis creates music and what he conveys. At first the lyrics can look very simple but add it with beats, rhythm and melody and you enter a whole new world.

Zara, Yorkshire, UK: I'm drawn to music that makes me feel something - euphoric, reflective, nostalgic, moved - the list is long. When a singer-songwriter has shared something authentic you can both hear it and feel it. And that is why Louis' music appeals to me. I feel it and I believe it.

Gia, Chicago, IL, USA: ‪Louis’ music is always the epitome of perfection, that’s what draws you in. The amazing vocals and beat keep you interested and the charming personality of Louis is what makes you stay! I am so proud to call myself a fan! ‬

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