“Two Of Us” has definitely proven itself as a worthy first official single of Tomlinson’s forthcoming debut album later this year…Grief is one of life’s most painful experiences and something that never truly goes away, yet Tomlinson managed to somehow flip an inevitably sad song into an incredibly empowering pop power ballad….Music can touch us sometimes in ways that we didn’t expect, or didn’t foresee. It can help us understand and recognise our own feelings, help us process, help us heal. That’s what this song does – it touches you, and it makes you feel. It’s raw and painful, and it acknowledges the struggle of having to move on with your life when your heart will forever be incomplete. But it’s also inspirational, hopeful, and real. “Two Of Us” is an incredibly strong, promising start to Tomlinson’s solo career in 2019.


TimE: 5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week

"Two of Us," Louis Tomlinson Two years ago, it seemed Louis Tomlinson was on top of the world: as one of the members of supergroup One Direction, which had just gone on hiatus, he was free to pursue a solo career with an already-passionate fanbase. Then, he tragically lost his mother to leukemia. "Two Of Us" is his self-professed message to his mom, a song that radiates with sadness even as it looks forward. It will take One Direction fans back to the sound of some of that group's most affecting ballads, starting out with spare piano before building to a cathartic pop chorus. "I'll be living one life for the two of us," Tomlinson sings. "Even when I'm on my own, I know I won't be alone."


Rolling Stone: Hear Louis Tomlinson’s Tribute to His Late Mother, ‘Two Of Us’

Former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson honored his late mother on his poignant new song, “Two of Us.” Tomlinson’s mother died in 2016, and “Two of Us” finds the singer both grappling with grief and striving towards hope amidst a swell of strings, piano and booming drums. “I know you’ll be looking down,” Tomlinson sings, “Swear I’m gonna make you proud/I’ll be living one life for the two of us.”

Billboard | MTV UK | Evening Standard | Just Jared | ABC News | AXS


BBC: Louis Tomlinson: New song Two Of Us helped me grieve for mum

Two years ago, just before Louis Tomlinson was about to launch his solo career, his 43-year-old mum Johannah died. She had leukaemia. The then-24-year-old was left without his mum, as were his six younger siblings - the youngest being two-year-old twins. He's previously been very private about his mum's death, but he's now releasing a song about the impact it had on him. He told Radio 1 Newsbeat that writing the song was therapeutic. "I'm not at the stage in my grief where I'm going to open the first verse and burst into tears," Louis says.


Louis Tomlinson Sends Fans on Scavenger Hunt for Upcoming 'Two of Us' Single

Louis Tomlinson wants fans to find video clips that he’s hidden around the world for his upcoming single “Two of Us.” Tomlinson took to social media on Monday (March 4) with instructions for the scavenger hunt so that the winners can be the first to hear his first solo single (due out March 7). Accompanied by a world map with tags of the former 1D band member's face popping up in several countries, Tomlinson explained in the caption that fans have to find the clips in order to get a first listen. “All I need you to do is find them & then you'll be the first to hear more about my new track," he wroe. "Share what you find using #TwoOfUs & try to piece it together!”

Capital FM | Bustle


The Line of Best Fit: Louis Tomlinson is sticking to his guns

Fans love the same person, but each one adores a slightly different version – we take what we need from interviews, performances, and tweets and we form our own idealised image. And yet, whilst those images are based on reality, none of them are entirely accurate. When faced with the reality of their idol, how would you feel? I’d never had to think too deeply about it before, but suddenly the question weighs heavily on my mind as a One Direction fan about to interview Louis Tomlinson.


United By Pop: Operation #TommoThunder To Promote Louis Tomlinson’s Two Of Us Is Underway

We don’t have long to wait until Louis Tomlinson‘s ‘Two Of Us’ is released on March 7th, and that means his fans are busy proving why they’re the hardest working fans around. #TommoThunder sees fans launching an effort to promote the song and increase radio play worldwide. In the past, fans have used Thunderclap to promote Louis’ songs including the viral effort #OperationMissYou.


The Sun: Louis Tomlinson reveals pain of his mum’s death in new song Two of Us

Songwriters often dig up painful memories for material and Louis Tomlinson has done just that for his new single. He has written about the death of his mum Johannah Deakin on Two Of Us, out next Thursday. She passed away from leukaemia in 2016, aged 43, and Louis has channelled his devastation into the song’s lyrics. In the first verse, he sings: “You’ll never know how much I miss you, the day that they took you, I wish it was me instead.” In the chorus, he insists he will live his life for the both of them. Louis croons: “I will be the best of me, always keep you next to me, I’ll be living one life for the two of us.” Louis, who was keeping busy shooting a music video in Leeds last Saturday, described writing the song as like “therapy”.

iHeartRadio Just Jared  | Idolator | AT40 | Doncaster Today | Evening Standard


Variety: Louis Tomlinson Signs With Arista (EXCLUSIVE)

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has signed with Arista, sources tell Variety. While the singer was formerly linked with Epic Records in 2017, he is signed directly to Simon Cowell’s Syco label and will move within the Sony Music family to Arista. 

Pressparty | Billboard | iHeartRadio | American Top 40


capital FM: Louis Tomlinson Praised For Positive Attitude Towards Male Emotions On X Factor

Louis Tomlinson has been labelled as a role model after showing his sensitive side and supporting his male act's tears on X Factor.


Billboard: Louis Tomlinson Is 'Confident' That New Music Is Coming Soon

Louis Tomlinson may finally have some new music on the way. Tomlinson joined the panel of judges for the U.K.'s X Factor this year, the show that originally brought him and his bandmates to fame, and the move made fans worry that the show would put his album on hold. He responded to their concerns and assured everyone that the album was still his priority


Radio Times: Is Louis Tomlinson the best X Factor judge?

He might be the youngest on the panel, but the former One Direction star has emerged as the most insightful of this year’s X Factor line-up.


X Factor 2018: Louis Tomlinson talks joining the panel, One Direction, causing mischief and the competition

Louis Tomlinson has sat down before the new series of The X Factor launches on ITV to answer a few questions. Louis is the first judge to have also been a contestant on the show. As a member of One Direction he has sold more than 150 million records worldwide and achieved more than 100 global No.1s. 


Louis Tomlinson ‘feels duty of care’ to help new acts as former X Factor star

Louis Tomlinson has said he feels he has a “duty of care” for the contestants on The X Factor having started on the show himself. Tomlinson, one of the judges for the new series, made his name on the ITV show in 2010 as a member of One Direction. The singer is the first former X Factor star to have a permanent judging panel role, and he said it was “as surreal for me as the contestants auditioning” on the first day of filming auditions.

thexfactor_37146666_438139423371679_7983507925886828544_n (1).jpg

OUT.COM: Full Circle: One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Announced as New X Factor Judge

One Direction fan-favorite Louis Tomlinson was announced as a judge for season 15 of X Factor. Tomlinson’s career move marks as a full circle moment for fans: the singer, who has writing credits on 37 One Direction songs, auditioned for the reality competition show in 2010 as a solo artist.

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Billboard: World Cup 2018: Liam Payne, Dua Lipa, Paul McCartney & More Cheer on England During Quarter Final

England will compete in its first World Cup semi-finals since 1990 -- and English music stars couldn't happier. On Saturday (July 7), England beat Sweden 2-0 thanks to goals by Harry Maguire and Dele Alli. Following the victory, The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love" blasted inside Russia's Samara Arena.

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Doncaster Free Press: Doncaster pop star Louis Tomlinson Pledges Support for Autism Charity

Doncaster pop star Louis Tomlinson has pledged his support for an autism charity - by agreeing to sign a special football shirt. The soccer-mad One Direction star has shown his backing for nationwide organisation Shining Stars, which helps young people with autism after a Twitter campaign urging him to back the group.

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Press party: louis tomlinson's "back to you" ft. bebe rexha reaches platinum status in the us

Louis Tomlinson's "Back To You" feat. Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals reaches Platinum status in the US. This means that the track has sold over 1 million copies in the US alone. Currently global sales stand at over 1.5 million copies. 


International Business Times: 50 Highest-Paid Artists Per Lyric On Spotify In 2017

Louis Tomlinson earned an estimated $1,091.17 from Spotify per lyric of “Back to You (feat. Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals)” in 2017. He’s pictured at the SiriusXM Los Angeles Studios on Jan. 17, 2017 in Los Angeles.


PRESS PARTY: Louis Tomlinson updates fans on album progress

Louis Tomlinson has posted an update on his album progress on Twitter today (June 13). Earlier this morning, he tweeted: "Ok ok sorry I’ve been working hard! "Been spending the last couple of weeks working out an overall plan for the year and beyond that. Promise I’ll update you when it’s all in place." Tomlinson's solo debut album will be out later this year. Initially, he was hoping to release it by the summer. Since then he has changed management and has been working hard on getting everything in place for it. He also announced last month (May) that he is hoping to do a tour with this album later this year


MTV UK: Louis Tomlinson  crowned mtv's pop royalty  king

You voted in your hundreds of thousands to crown our King and Queen of Pop and now we can reveal who you chose as your fave musical monarchs.

For the Kings it was a One Direction face-off! Louis Tomlinson stole the show, coming out top ahead of Harry Styles in second place, and Niall Horan coming in third. All hail King Louis!


PressParty: Louis Tomlinson is 100% ready to tour this year

Fans of Louis Tomlinson can start getting excited as the English singer-songwriter has said he is definitely ready to tour this year. Yesterday (May 11), he tweeted: "Defo hoping to get out on tour this year just FYI ! "Still working out when but believe me I can’t wait to get back on the road!" The former One Direction star has been working on his upcoming album which he also hopes to release soon. It was initially slated for a summer release.


IHEARTRadio: Louis Tomlinson Is Really Hoping To Head On Tour This Year

While all of the other members of One Direction remain rather active on the pop scene, Louis Tomlinson has taken a more subtle approach to his solo career, but the 26-year-old star wants his fans to know that he does have plans to get on the road in 2018, or at least that's what he's hoping to do. "Defo hoping to get out on tour this year just FYI!" he told his 33.7 million followers on Friday morning (May 11). "Still working out when but believe me I can't wait to get back on the road!"


MTV UK: Directioners Are Convinced That Prince Louis Is Named After Louis Tomlinson Himself

In case you’ve just come out of a back to back screening of all three High School Musical films and not checked Twitter yet, the royal baby name has been revealed as Louis Arthur Charles. But who he is named after? Well most people are pointing fingers at it being a tribute to Prince Charles’s beloved great-uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten, or even The Duke of Edinburgh’s great grandfather Prince Louis of Battenburg. Or if you ask the Directioners, who in our eyes are the go-to source for all Royal household knowledge, it’s a tribute to the one and only Louis Tomlinson. Because who wouldn’t want their kid to be named after the Donny lad who knows how to wear the hell out of an Adidas tracksuit? Louis has of course already been in touch with the newborn (via Twitter obvs) and offered to take him under his wing

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Evening Standard: Prince Louis Arthur Charles: 13 famous people called Louis who share the royal baby’s name

As one-fifth of the One Direction, Louis Tomlinson’s star rose to stratospheric heights between 2010 and 2016 before the boyband disbanded. He has since pursued a successful solo career.

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edit by @hipstapleasex

NME: “I’ll take you under my wing”: Louis Tomlinson responds to the royal baby’s name

Louis Tomlinson has responded to the naming of the new Royal Baby, after it transpired that he’s now got a rather regal namesake.Following his birth on Monday, the Duke and Duchess today announced that their third child is named Louis Arthur Charles – prompting understandable excitement among One Direction fans.Now, Tomlinson has responded himself – and he’s offered to be an unlikely mentor to the Royal Tot.



Billboard: Where One Direction's Five Directions Have Taken Them Now

Tomlinson initially veered towards the most EDM-influenced route of the bunch, enlisting the assistance of DJ Steve Aoki for his debut solo single, "Just Hold On" -- though subsequent follow-ups "Back to You" and "Miss You" have been less beat-driven. 

As for a full solo album, fans are still waiting. Tomlinson recently teased on Twitter that he was in the homestretch of crafting his LP, saying that it was "all [he's] been working towards over the last two years." He's yet to hint at a release date or title. However, he told Billboard that "the album in general is just very honest and conversational." Fans are growing increasingly eager to discover what he means by that.


BBC Radio 1: Stars who have struggled with their confidence

Louis Tomlinson lifted the lid on his time in One Direction in a surprisingly honest interview with the Guardian back in 2017. "In the first year [Zayn and I] were both the least confident" the Back To You star revealed, but he finally got a grasp on his confidence just as the band parted ways: "In the last year of One Direction I was probably the most confident I ever was. And then it was: ‘OK, hiatus!’” In interviews since then, Louis has attributed his belief in himself to the support he receives from fans. “I think everybody lives with their own insecurities whatever they might be and however they might be magnified," he told a Scottish radio station. “It takes time to build up a great level of confidence, but one thing I will say is - the reason why I have the confidence to do the X Factor or even when I did Ultra festival: the fans give me that feeling. “They give me that confidence that regardless of what happens they’ve got my back. It’s a no brainer.”


Press Party: Louis Tomlinson fired up about his highly anticipated album

Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to open up about how excited he is about his new music recently. The 26-year-old tweeted: "Got some important meetings out the way and now I’m f***ing ready! “Your patience has been amazing. I’m working on rewarding it as soon as possible ! Together , let’s do this !!! "Spent too much energy worrying and being frustrated with the process a little bit. Time to start f***ing winning now!”

Embed from Getty Images

Capital FM: When Is Louis Tomlinson Debut Solo Album Coming Out? Everything We Know About Album Title, Release Date, Songs & More

Louis has released solo singles 'Just Hold On', 'Back To You' and 'Miss You' since One Direction went on hiatus, but when can when can we expect a full album? It seems like we've been waiting forever... but Louis Tomlinson's debut solo album could be coming out very soon.

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iHeart: Louis Tomlinson Teases Debut Album

Louis Tomlinson told fans this week that he’s getting closer to finally dropping an album. “Thank you for all your patience,” the singer tweeted. "Believe me we’re getting close! Really excited about a couple of the new songs. “Can’t wait for the day to finally release this album. It’s all I’ve been working towards over the last two years.” Earlier this year, Tomlinson explained the delay. “I’m a perfectionist so things are taking a little longer,” he tweeted. "Few more songs to add! Believe me I’m as impatient as you all are!"

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Billboard: Louis Tomlinson Hints Release of Debut Solo Album is 'Finally' Coming

Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are the two remaining One Direction members who have yet to release a solo album, but it appears Tomlinson's might not be too far away. The oldest of the boy band tweeted Tuesday (Apr. 3) that his first LP is "all [he's] been working towards over the last two years." Although Tomlinson didn't reveal how close the project is to finished or anything about an actual release date, he seems more than eager for the time to come. "Can't wait for the day to finally release this album," he wrote.


Peoples Choice: Louis Tomlinson is Already Making Tour Plans

Louis Tomlinson might not have a complete album just yet, but he’s already talking about tour stops, well, at least one tour stop in particular. On Monday (March 26), the British singer replied to a fan question on Twitter about his future tour plans, and got a very positive answer. After one fan asked the former One Direction singer, “Hi @Louis_Tomlinson! We’d love to have you back in #HongKong – any plans to tour here?”, they got a certain response from Tomlinson responded in the definitive. “100%” the singer wrote back.


Press Party: Full List of 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards Winners

Former One Direction bandmates, Niall HoranLouis Tomlinson and Harry Styles won big at this year's iHeartRadio Music Awards last night (March 11), which took place at the Forum in Inglewood, California.[...] Tomlinson won the Best Solo Breakout Award.


Just Jared Jr: Louis Tomlinson Wins Best Solo Breakout at iHeartRadio Music Awards 2018 & Sends Massive Thank You To Fans

Louis Tomlinson has a major thanks for his fans who voted for him at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards. The “Miss You” singer won the Best Solo Breakout award, beating out Camila Cabello, and his former One Direction bandmates, Harry StylesNiall Horan and Liam Payne.


Elite Daily: Louis Tomlinson Won Solo Breakout Star & His Speech Was So Classy

I'm not ashamed to say that I live for the possible drama that revolves around awards show season. While it may be all fun and games most of the time for these artists, every once in a while there's a moment that has us all biting our nails. Well, it turns out that Louis Tomlinson won Solo Breakout Star at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 11, and his speech was way classier than I expected, TBH.

Girlfriend: Why are we sleeping on Louis Tomlinson’s career?

Louis Tomlinson, heard of him? Of Course you have. He’s the one and only smol sassy bean from One Direction and he’s just not getting the love and respect he deserves, and honestly, it keeps me up at night. +For too long media outlets around the world have been getting away with talking SMACK about Louis, focusing on dodgy gossip and drama, and simply put, it just won’t do. 


Press Party: Louis Tomlinson hopes to release debut solo album by the summer

Louis Tomlinson has revealed that his new album should be out by the summer. The "Miss You" star tweeted: "More writing today! I know it's taking longer than expected but it's gonna be worth it!" One of his Twitter followers asked: "Will we get the album in the first half of the year?" To which Tomlinson replied: "That's what I'm aiming for."

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Peoples Choice: Louis Tomlinson's Latest Album Update Will Thrill Fans

Louis Tomlinson has yet to release his debut album, but that doesn’t mean he’s not working on it nonstop. In fact, the British singer gave fans another update on its progress this week, proving that he’s working hard… and it’s going to pay off. On Monday (Feb. 19), Tomlinson took to Twitter to reassure his fans that his record is in fact coming, and even revealed when fans can expect it to drop (finally!). “More writing today ! I know it’s taking longer than expected but it’s gonna be worth it !” Tomlinson tweeted giving fans hope and perhaps stressing a few of them out at the same time.

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On Air with Ryan Seacrest: The Amazing Thing Louis Tomlinson Just Did for a Fan

Louis Tomlinson has just shown how much he loves and appreciates his fans by donating $10,000 to one of his biggest (fans). 9-year-old Rylee Sanford, who’s battling a rare condition that leads to cerebral palsy. A fundraising page was created to help cover her rising medical costs and her parents just-so-happened to mention she was a fan of all the One Direction boys in her bio. When Louis found out he made the donation, writing: “Sending you all the love.”

Embed from Getty Images

Fox News: Louis Tomlinson gives $10G to sick girl confined to wheelchair

Louis Tomlinson donated $10,000 to help one of his fans with cerebral palsy pay for her medical care. The former One Direction singer-songwriter gave the generous gift to 9-year-old Rylee Sanford, who suffers from bilateral close-lipped schizencephaly, a condition that leaves her confined to a special type of wheelchair.

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NME: Louis Tomlinson has donated $10,000 to a sick fan

Louis Tomlinson has donated $10,000 to help a sick fan with her medical bills. A YouCaring fundraising page was set up by the parents of 9-year-old Rylee Sanford who suffers from a rare brain malformation called bilateral close-lipped schizencephaly, which ultimately causes cerebral palsy. The page caught Tomlinson’s attention after it mentions that Sanford loves “Zayn, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne” among other celebrities.

Embed from Getty Images

Billboard: Louis Tomlinson Donates $10,000 To Help Pay For Sick Fan's Medical Care 

Louis Tomlinson showed one of his big fans some love by donating $10,000 to her medical costs.

Embed from Getty Images

BBC: Louis Tomlinson gives $10k to fan with cerebral palsy

Louis Tomlinson has given $10,000 (£7,200) to a nine-year-old fan with cerebral palsy. Rylee Sanford lives in Georgia, USA, and has a very rare brain malformation called bilateral close-lipped schizencephaly. The condition causes her to have cerebral palsy and means that she can't walk without assistance. Rylee's family are trying to raise $15,000 (£11,000) to make her house more accessible.

Embed from Getty Images

KISSFM: Louis Tomlinson Donates $10,000 To Help Young Fan With Cerebral Palsy

Louis Tomlinson is a man with a heart of gold and he put his good intention at the forefront when he decided to donate $10,000 to a young fan in Chatsworth, Georgia, who lives with bilateral close-lipped schizencephaly, a factor that ultimately causes her cerebral palsy.

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Press Party: Louis Tomlinson up for Best Solo Breakout Award at iHeartRadio Music Awards 

Tomlinson fans are supporting his solo career for now, which to-date has been nothing short of hugely succesful. His debut solo single and collaboration with Steve Aoki, "Just Hold On," was certified gold in both the UK and United States. Furthermore, his summer banger, "Back To You," featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals, was a Number One hit in 37 countries, streamed over 220 million times and sold over 1 million copies.  

Embed from Getty Images

Yahoo UK: Louis Tomlinson donates $10,000 to little girl with cerebral palsy 

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has once again proven that he has a heart of gold, donating a staggering $10,000 (£7,300) to a nine-year-old girl’s online fundraiser – which was the page’s total goal.

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BBC: One Direction stars' most iconic collaborations

We have a lot of love for Louis Tomlinson and it seems as though Bebe Rexha does, too.

After recording and filming with the Doncaster-born 1D star, Bebe had nothing but nice things to say about him and the experience.


Doncaster Free Press: Doncaster pop star Louis Tomlinson makes charity's Christmas wishes come true

"When Bluebell Wood suggested Louis take a look at its Amazon wish-list, little did it expect him buy everything left on the list, but that’s exactly what he did."


Peoples Choice: Louis Tomlinson has an Exciting Album Update

After months and months of teasing his upcoming debut solo record, Louis Tomlinson is finally ready to wrap things up and finish his album. On Thursday (Jan. 11), the former One Direction singer gave fans some exciting news on Twitter when he revealed that he’s ready to go full steam ahead with his album. “Getting in the studio again this month, let’s get this album finished !!” Tomlinson tweeted, and his fans couldn’t be any happier about this statement.

mv pic.png

Press Party: Louis Tomlinson up for Best Solo Breakout Award at iHeartRadio Music Awards

Louis Tomlinson has been nominated for the Best Solo Breakout Award at this year's iHeartRadio Music Awards, but there is one slightly awkward twist. Two years after One Direction announced their hiatus, the popular British star is also up against his former bandmates, Niall HoranHarry Stylesand Liam Payne for the same award.

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Capital FM: The 11 Pop Remixes You NEED To Hear This Month [January 2018]

January 2018 is ready to serve you the goods when it comes to new remixes.

Featuring Luca Schreiner's remix of Miss You. 

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Press Party: Louis Tomlinson's "Just Hold On" debut solo single facts

As the year comes to an end, we congratulate Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki for their "Just Hold On" collaboration being certified gold in both the UK and United States this year.

Embed from Getty Images

AXS: Top 30 Best Songs of 2017

21. Louis Tomlinson's "Back to You" featuring Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals

Among the singles from former One Direction members, Louis Tomlinson bounced back with "Back to You" featuring Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals. [...] Louis came through with an emotionally-charged performance matched by Bebe on their woefully wonderful anthem.  

Embed from Getty Images

Billboard: One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Soars to No. 2 on Emerging Artists Chart

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson vaults 24-2 on Billboard's Emerging Artist chart (dated Dec. 23), matching his Sept. 9 peak.

Sparking the surge: the release of his fourth solo track "Miss You." The song drew 1.8 million streams and sold 19,000 downloads in its opening week, according to Nielsen Music, and enters Digital Song Sales at No. 15.

clip mv.png

Soundigest: Louis Tomlinson Releases New Single “Miss You”

With the release of his newest single, “Miss You,” the former One Direction member, Louis Tomlinson, gives fans a more familiar sound.  The new track has a pop rock feel with more mature lyrics than we’re used to. This single is definitely different than his recent release of, “Just Like You,” that was released for fans. This song is for everyone and will be stuck in your head for days, and maybe even months.


MTV UK: Louis Tomlinson Unveils Epic 'Miss You' Music Video

Louis released the brilliant single last Friday and its accompanying music video today. In the visual, Louis goes on an epic night out with his friends. From drinking beer with his boys at a bar to a crazy party, we're getting huge fomo just watching it. Seriously, can Louis invite us to his next night out please? This looks like it was so much fun.

Embed from Getty Images

All Punked Up: Louis Tomlinson debuts new pop punk(ish) single that you won’t want to miss

Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Miss You’ reveals a possible change in his musical direction, but more importantly, it showcases his ability to bend across genres and succeed in almost anything he does. Give it a listen and see for yourself. 

Embed from Getty Images

People SA: Jam of the Day: Louis Tomlinson - Miss You

He seems way more comfortable within the pop/rock and the space brings to light all the positive elements in his vocal that were evident during his days in One Direction. The track seems to fill the void left by the group and the pop/rock space is still incredibly popular with fans around the world. 

Embed from Getty Images


Just Jared: Louis Tomlinson Gives Thanks To Fans For Constant Support

Louis Tomlinson is giving credit where credit is due and praising his fans for all their support.

Just after performing on the X Factor final over the weekend, the “Miss You”singer headed to social media to express his thanks.


Embed from Getty Images

Breathe Heavy: Everything Is Effin' Great In Louis Tomlinson's Anthemic New Song "Miss You" 

Louis Tomlinson revels in pop rock on his new buzz track, "Miss You."

 "We’re dancing on tables / 'Til I’m off my face / With all of my people / And it couldn’t get better they say," he sings over a thumping beat, violins and a plunky guitar melody.


MTV: Louis Tomlinson's 'Miss You' Sounds Like It's Ready For Warped Tour

His early singles, "Back to You" and "Just Like You," followed this lyrical model to a certain degree — the latter in particular captured the burnout of being "the guy from the one band" — but didn't sound anything like rock songs. "Miss You," which dropped Friday (December 1) is the first Tomlinson single to make good on the mention of guitar music.


Idolator: Louis Tomlinson's "Miss You" Is His Most Authentic Solo Offering Yet 

Armed with a fierce guitar line and an earworm-worthy chorus, the track effortlessly captures the lovelorn longing that can be sparked by a drunken night. Louis’ vocals are some of his strongest to date, and the lyrics are instantly relatable without feeling bland.


MTV: Louis Tomlinson Parties Through The Pain On 'Miss You'

Louis Tomlinson emerges from the silence with a huge bang-er. Six months after the Bebe Rexha-assisted 'Back To You', he has released a brand new single 'Miss You' today, an undeniable anthem that sounds 100% Louis. After experimenting with EDM, he finds his feet with a return to stadium-sized pop-rock à la One Direction's best with more grown, transparent lyricism that is oh-so-relatable.

Embed from Getty Images

Peoples Choice: Louis Tomlinson Makes A Major Music Announcement

“New single ‘Miss You’ will be out this Friday with a performance on the @thexfactor final on the Saturday!” Tomlinson tweeted. “Can’t wait for this one! #missyou.”

As loyal fans remember, Tomlinson has been teasing a lot of different things over the past few weeks including, “Exciting few months coming up,” and “new songs sounding big,” and clearly, he wasn’t joking about the first part.

Embed from Getty Images

Peoples Choice: Louis Tomlinson Reveals Why He's 'Really Excited' About His Next Single

“It’s pretty busy now, I’m looking forward to it. I’ve got a new single coming out pretty soon,” Tomlinson told Key 103 when asked if he’s have some downtime coming up.

In addition to teasing new music, Tomlinson confirmed that a tour and his debut record are definitely coming in 2018, so get ready fans.


Rolling Stone: Hear Louis Tomlinson's Humble New Song 'Just Like You'

Former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson chooses the pub over the club on his new single, "Just Like You." The song has a snappy beat with synths that swell to a wobbling instrumental hook. The production complements Tomlinson's polished vocals and lyrics about how he grapples with everyday highs and lows. The track even opens with the cheeky line, "It's the guy from the one band/ Cigarette in my left hand."


Huffington Post: Louis Tomlinson’s Just Like You Lyric Video Shows Universality of Struggle

The song’s lyrics allude to the struggle he has with fame and what it entails for him - how the glamorous shell of the entertainment industry (”all the cash and the cars and the glory”) is nothing but smoke and mirrors. While his world might seem eons apart from that of his fans’, he is still human like them. 


Rolling Stone: One Direction: Rating Their Solo Careers So Far

Louis Tomlinson

Solo music: Working on his first solo album after releasing one single, "Just Hold On," a banging duet with electronic DJ Steve Aoki. The most prolific songwriter in 1D – and the most continually surprising – so "Just Hold On" feels like just a taste of what he can do, more a teaser for glories to come than a proper solo debut.

Photo: Alex Bramall for the Observer

Photo: Alex Bramall for the Observer

The Guardian: Louis Tomlinson: ‘Niall is lovely, Zayn has the voice, Harry is cool, Liam gets the crowd going… then there’s me’

In One Direction, Louis Tomlinson was ‘the kid at the back’. Now, with his first solo album and his own record label, he’s taking the spotlight and learning to trust himself

Photo: Alex Bramall for the Observer

Photo: Alex Bramall for the Observer

The Guardian: Louis Tomlinson in this season's sportswear

From One Direction to his first solo album, Louis Tomlinson is becoming his own man. Here he wears this summer’s hottest new sportswear.

Photo: Alex De Mora for High Snobiety

Photo: Alex De Mora for High Snobiety

High Snobiety: Just Hold On: Louis Tomlinson Is Flying Solo

It has been a remarkably swift and assured journey to the upper echelons of stardom for Louis Tomlinson. As a member of the cultural juggernaut that is One Direction, he was a crux of what is inarguably the defining ‘boy-band’ of a generation. Of course, they would go on to challenge and redefine our previous notions of that artistic mould, but that is a tale worth another, entirely separate tome.

Photo: Phil Sharp for Noisey

Photo: Phil Sharp for Noisey

Noisey: Being Louis Tomlinson

We spoke to the former One Direction member about how he went from working class Northern lad to pop star worth $50 million.

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Huffington Post: Why Louis Tomlinson (& His Fanbase) is The One to Watch

But aside from the musical and business perspective, it should be noted that the brand value of Louis Tomlinson is enormous - thanks to his fans. In fact, he currently has the highest level of engagement on Instagram and is the world’s male musician with the highest average number of likes per post