Tour Dates

Louis will likely tour in 2020. Dates coming soon! 

Coca Cola Music Festival - Madrid, Spain: Louis is set to perform at the Coca Cola music festival in Madrid, Spain. This festival is planned for the 13th & 14th of September 2019. More info here.

What We Know About Louis’ Tour So Far

When recently asked what his goals for 2019 were, he tweeted, “Get the single out, get the album out, get on tour! Got to reward you lot for your patience!”

In May, he tweeted, “Still working out when but believe me I can’t wait to get back on the road !”. In June, he said, “Just know that I’m always thinking about you all and I can’t think of anything more exciting than getting on the road again”.

Where will he be touring?

No dates or venues have been announced yet, but one place Louis seems eager to go on tour is Hong Kong! The Hong Kong Tourism Board asked if he had any plans to tour there and Louis replied, "100%". During the Ask Anything chat in early 2018, Louis also said he’d love to come to Brazil and is definitely going there when he tours. But it's pretty certain he will be touring in the US and UK as well. Louis said he didn’t have a lot of information yet. He was finalizing everything and it would be smaller venues.

Updated: He said Italy and Sheffield in Yorkshire will definitely be on his tour stops. When asked if the UK would be on the last leg, he said nothing had been confirmed yet.

Updated: He tweeted about Montreal, Amsterdam, and Australia on March 3, 2019.

Will there be Meet and Greets and how much will they cost?

In response to a fan who tweeted about how paying to meet a celebrity was pretty weird, Louis replied that he agreed to a certain extent. He didn't think it was a fair system. In a series of back and forth tweets, he seemed to suggest that he'd like to do some sort of competition for meet and greet tickets and/or find other ways to make it fair. Louis seems eager to find a way to do meet and greets when he does go on tour and promises, "When we announce the tour I will have found the most practical meet and greet solution". 

What can we expect from the staging of the tour?

Fans are curious as to what Louis' tour will look like. We've gotten glimpses of his live performances, which included bold graphics and lots of lights, but at this point, it's too soon to tell. One thing that is for sure is that Louis will be involved in every decision. Commenting on staging, he tweeted, "I'm involved in every step of the creative. You have to feel comfortable on stage!"