Louis Tomlinson Fans Launch #TommoThunder to Promote Louis Tomlinson’s New Single, “Two Of Us”

Washington, DC, March 1, 2019 - Once again, the die-hard fans of One Direction and Louis Tomlinson are demonstrating why they are the most hardworking fans around. In anticipation of the release of Louis Tomlinson’s new single, “Two of Us”, on March 7, 2019, fans are launching an effort to promote the song and increase radio play in the U.S. and abroad.

In the past, fans had used Thunderclap, a crowd-sourced promotional platform, to promote Louis’ songs, but the platform recently closed so fans are creating their own “Thunder” by encouraging other fans to sign up and pledge to tweet and post about Louis’ song on March 7. The effort currently has a social reach of almost 2 million, which fans are hoping to increase as the single release date draws closer.

Other promo activities include sending fan-created promo packages to radio stations as well as holding streaming parties and requesting the song on radio after the song release. The Louis Tomlinson fan site,, has partnered with a Louis update account, Louisource, and a promo account, TwoOfUsPromo for these fan-based Two Of Us promo efforts.

This isn’t the first time Louis Tomlinson fans have taken music promotion into their own hands. In February 2018, fans launched Operation Miss You, an effort to promote Louis’ song, “Miss You”. The Thunderclap had a social reach of 6,301,310 and the effort increased Spotify streams during the promotional period. In May 2015, fans focused their efforts on the One Direction track “No Control,” co-written by Tomlinson and heavily featuring his vocals. Supporters created Project No Control to create a “fan release” and promote the song. The project trended worldwide, and purchases of the song increased by 1,674%. The track took the #1 spot on Billboard’s Trending Chart and garnered 1 million U.S. streams during the week of the fan release. In addition, fan fundraisers have raised more than $370,000 for charities since 2013 with more than $160,000+ of that total going to charity drives for charities Louis has supported.

The result of this hard work is a fan-driven publicity machine that would be the envy of any record label. Fans of Louis Tomlinson are hopeful their efforts will lead to increased visibility, increased radio play, and increased streams on streaming platforms like Spotify on March 7., which has partnered with fans for #TommoThunder, is a one-stop shop for devoted and casual Louis Tomlinson fans alike. The site creates unique content to promote Louis Tomlinson’s career endeavors and increase buzz about his music throughout the general public as he prepares to release his single on March 7 and debut solo album later this year.




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