Tommo Thunder

For Two Of Us Single Release - March 7, 2019 at 1 pm GMT!

Social Media Reach so far: 2,821,079

More than 1400+ participants

In the past, we used Thunderclap to automatically send out mass tweets and posts to promote Louis’ singles. Thunderclap sadly closed so doing mass auto-tweeting and posting is no longer possible, but we did this manually. Since Thunderclap is no longer around, we made our own Thunder by pledging that on March 7 (release date of Two Of Us) and the 8th we would tweet/post about the single with links to stream/buy (details to follow) on all our social media platforms.

What To Do:

Tommo Thunder is over, but you can still use the links below to tweet and request radio play.

Click this link to auto-generate a tweet: Click to tweet here!

or personalize this sample tweet wording to post on your social media: Get Louis' new single at #TwoOfUs #LouisTomlinson #TommoThunder

or you can also use the “click to tweet” radio station links here: to autogenerate a tweet to request Two Of Us. Or use the Radio Request Database. Add the #TommoThunder hashtag to show how LOUD we Louies can be! 

You don't have to stop at just one tweet! Make #TommoThunder as loud as possible by tweeting and posting across all your platforms throughout the day and in the days that follow! 

Mailing List:

Promo Packs

As part of Tommo Thunder, we’re sending promo packs out to 50 DJs! Each pack includes a flyer, a perforated Tear and Share card (where people can keep one half and tear off the other half to give to a friend), vinyl stickers with the hashtag & release date, and a letter explaining that it’s a fan promo effort for Louis Tomlinson’s new single, Two Of Us.

two of us pack.jpg