Tommo Thunder


In the past, we used Thunderclap to automatically send out mass tweets and posts to promote Louis’ singles. Thunderclap sadly closed so doing mass auto-tweeting and posting is no longer possible, but we create our own thunder by doing it manually via fans signing up to pledge to tweet on release day.

Kill My Mind Tommo Thunder

For Kill My Mind Single Release - September 5, 2019

Social Media Reach: 654,631

More than 150+ participants

More You Can Do Now

Personalize this sample tweet wording to post on your social media: 

Get Louis' new single Kill My Mind at #KillMyMind #KMM #LouisTomlinson #TommoThunder

Use the Radio Request Database to request Kill My Mind. Add the #TommoThunder hashtag to show how LOUD we Louies can be! 


For Two Of Us Single Release - March 7, 2019 at 1 pm GMT!

Social Media Reach: 2,821,079

More than 1400+ participants

Promo Packs

As part of Tommo Thunder, we’re sending promo packs out to 50 DJs! Each pack includes a flyer, a perforated Tear and Share card (where people can keep one half and tear off the other half to give to a friend), vinyl stickers with the hashtag & release date, and a letter explaining that it’s a fan promo effort for Louis Tomlinson’s new single, Two Of Us.

two of us pack.jpg