Louis on Nova969 with Smallzy - September 11, 2019


Total Access - September 9-13, 2019


Louis on BBC The Beat - September 7, 2019


Louis on Hits Radio Breakfast - September 6, 2019


BBC Radio 1 Jack Saunders Indie Show - September 5, 2019


Louis on KMFM - September 5, 2019


Louis on Hits Radio with Jordan Lee - September 5, 2019


Louis Tomlinson and Friends - MTV UK (Taped in March 2019, Aired May 2019)

Magic Radio - March 13, 2019


Magic Chilled - March 13, 2019


Nova969 - March 13, 2019


Callum Gallacher - March 12, 2019


KISSFM UK Breakfast Show - March 12, 2019


Total Access with Olivia Jones - March 11, 2019


SUN FM with Rachel Chew - March 11, 2019


Smallzy’s Surgery - March 11, 2019


BBC The Beat - March 9, 2019


Lincs FM - March 9, 2019


Smallzy’s Surgery - March 8, 2019


Breakfast with Garry and Laura KMFM - March 8, 2019


FRee Radio Breakfast - March 8, 2019


Louis on BBC Newsbeat - March 7, 2019


BBC Radio 1 Interview - March 7, 2019


Heatworld: Louis Answers The Internet

Louis answers questions


Louis on Hits Radio, Part 1 - March 7, 2019,

Louis talks about the release of his new single, touring, and his upcoming album, which he describes as honest, live, catchy”.

Louis on Hits Radio, Part 2 - March 7, 2019

Louis talks about touring, X Factor, and his fans.


Louis takes over KMFM

Listen to Louis' takeover of KMFM as he talks about his choice 1D throwback track, his favorite songs of 2017, and his New Year's resolution.

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Louis on PopBuzz Podcast

Louis appears on episode 51 of the PopBuzz Podcast to chat about the sound of his upcoming album and play a game of "Desert Island Sh*t". Listen here


Louis talks to Kevin Hughes

Louis talks Miss You, his Royal Variety performance, and the sound of his upcoming debut album with Kevin Hughes of the UK's Hit Music Chart Show. 


Louis talks with BBC Radio 1's Greg James

In this interview, Louis chats with James about Miss You and then played a few games.


Louis talks with 538 Dutch Radio Interview - De Coen & Sander Show

Louis is interviewed on Dutch radio.


Louis talks with BBC Radio 2's Steven Wright

Louis chatted with Steven Wright about his new single and going solo after One Direction.


Louis on BBC The Beat

Louis talks about his new single "Miss You" on BBC The Beat:  "I think we’re done with the writing side of things now. I wrote a song maybe 2 - 3 weeks ago and that will probably be the last song I write for this album. There’s a couple of vocals to be done but it’s just kind of finalizing now, doing all that kind of stuff."


Louis on Total Access

Louis talks to Total Access about how he checks on twitter for reactions to his new single and his upcoming performance on the X Factor UK. 


Louis "catches up" with BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show and Grimmy 

Louis talks about the sound and production of Miss You as well as what it was like to perform for the royals at Royal Variety.


Louis Talks to Eagle Radio

Louis describes what Miss You is like sound-wise and the use of more guitars


Louis Chats with Smallzy about Music and the Writing Process 

Louis talks about how much writing he did for the album - he wrote 100 songs for the album!


PopBuzz Presents Louis Tomlinson

Louis talked to PopBuzz about his favorite food, Prince Harry, and gave some wise words of wisdom.


Louis_Tomlinson calls in to premiere #MISSYOU on Smallzy

Louis talks about how what might look like fun, exciting times and the reality is that it might not be what it looks like.


Hits Official Interview Snippet

Louis talks about Miss You on Hits Official, saying it's nice to have heavy guitars and it's fun to perform.


Louis Tomlinson and Zane Lowe on "Just Like You"

Louis Tomlinson just dropped his latest track, "Just Like You." He tells Zane Lowe his solo full-length project will be out in 2018.


Louis Tomlinson Reveals When His Album is Dropping

Louis Tomlinson stopped by to talk about performing solo, what he learned in One Direction, and shows us how to curse like a proper Brit.


Louis Tomlinson plays trumpet and talks Tobey Maguire, Niall, and Pelé

Louis Tomlinson plays trumpet and talks about an embarrassing Tobey Maguire moment, Pelé and Niall all on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.


Louis Tomlinson on Collaborating with Bebe Rexha and His Love of Writing

Louis Tomlinson talks about his solo career, writing songs for others, and does his best Niall Horan impression.


Louis Tomlinson's New Honest Sound 

iHeartRadio talks to Louis Tomlinson about how he's ready for a new, honest sound. 


Louis Tomlinson's Fans Have "Adopted" Steve Aoki!

Steve talks about Louis' "army of bees" rallying around the songs and promoting the music.


1035 KTU Lulu Y Lala Interview with Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson

Louis and Steve talk about how their collaboration came about and "cake" Lula and Lala.


Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson Talk 1 Direction Fanbase

Shelley Rome talks to Steve & Louis about working together, the 1 Direction Fanbase and "Just Hold On."


Louis Tomlinson Talks New Album and Teased Just like You

Louis Tomlinson stopped by the Weekend Throwdown with Jagger and talked with Shelley Rome about his new album coming up.


Steve & Louis Interview Each Other With Accents

 Recorded on the StubHub Stage in the Adorama Live Theatre for Shoboy in the Morning on 92.3 AMP Radio.