Radio Requests

Use the Radio Request Database to request that stations play Two Of Us. You can easily contact stations, DJs and radio shows all around the world! The RRD includes:

  • Global radio station coverage, with over 1000+ stations, DJs, and radio shows from more than 35 countries world-wide.

  • An endless amount of template tweets in multiple languages which you can easily personalize before sending.

  • All available contact information for each station - this includes social media, website, email, text and phone info.

  • Fully searchable by country, location, station name and a number of other options. Results are randomized as to minimize spamming one station again and again.

  • It’s free, easy, and best of all, it’s designed to reduce the suspicion of spam!

All you have to do is click to send a tweet, get a request-line phone or text number, or send an email. Simply choose your preferred method of contact and get requesting!