Louis Tomlinson Fans Launch #TommoThunder to Promote Louis Tomlinson’s Single, “Two Of Us”

Once again, the die-hard fans of One Direction and Louis Tomlinson are demonstrating why they are the most hardworking fans around. In anticipation of the release of Louis Tomlinson’s new single, “Two of Us”, on March 7, 2019, fans are launching an effort to promote the song and increase radio play in the U.S. and abroad. Read More…

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Louis Tomlinson Fans Launch #OperationMissYou to Increase Radio Play for “Miss You”

Fed up with the limited radio push for Louis Tomlinson’s single, “Miss You,” fans are launching an effort to promote the song and increase radio play in the U.S.“ Miss You” was released in December 2017 via performances on the X Factor UK and Royal Variety Performance to great critical and fan response. Fans anticipated increased promotion in January 2018 following the success of the launch, but were baffled to see almost no promotion in the U.S. at all. Refusing to let “Miss You” drop off the airwaves without being given a proper chance, fans have been working non-stop to promote the song via social media and by contacting radio DJs with the goal of increasing radio play and awareness of “Miss You.”   Read More...

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New Fan Website LTHQOfficial.com Spreading the Buzz for Louis Tomlinson

Two dedicated fans launched LTHQOfficial.com, a promotional site to highlight Louis Tomlinson and his career endeavors. The site went live on November 28th, just in time for Tomlinson’s newest single release, “Miss You.” It features links to stream and purchase the song, reviews of the track, related press, and promotional video & photos. Additionally, there is an area for fans to read and submit messages about why they like Louis Tomlinson's music.  Read More...

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Amy, amy@LTHQOfficial.com