We picked February 5 - 9 as the week to promote the track with a fan-run promotional effort called #OperationMissYou. Our Thunderclap was a success! Some stats:

Supporters: 3,009 of 500

Percentage complete: 601% of Goal

Total social reach: 6,301,310

Total Facebook supporters: 200

Total Twitter supporters: 2,313

Total Tumblr supporters: 498

Chart of Louis' Spotify streams - highest streams were during Operation Miss You!

bar chart.png

Read more in our press release.


Watch the music video on YouTube

Our first operation for Day 1 is to watch the music video on YouTube. Let's get those Miss You views up! As of midnight, the number of views are 9,130,797. #missyouwatchparty is the hashtag to try and trend on twitter!

Remember to log out of YouTube so your views count! Here's a playlist that you can loop that includes both the original and remix versions of Miss You:


Click the icon to loop the playlist and it will play non-stop, all day! If you connect headphones to your laptop or computer, you can let it play all night and all day without driving the neighbors crazy! 

While you’re watching, make sure to Shazam the song as well! 



Stream the song on Spotify

From February 5th to February 9th, Miss You went from:

18,956,397 streams to 19,791,397 streams! That's almost 1 million streams in just 5 days!

Be sure to Shazam the song while streaming and don't forget to tag any posts on tumblr with "Louis Tomlinson" for Fandometrics! Also, you can vote for the iHeartAwards and do radio requests while streaming!

Plug headphones into your laptop for the overnight hours! Read these streaming rules!

Here's a playlist that you can use (or make your own) - click the Repeat button! 




Request the song on radio (call, tweet, text, Mediabase request)

Beccasafan made a program that automates this a bit. I made videos to show you how to use Becca's tools. There's also detailed instructions with pictures.

Request via Mediabase:

Mediabase Request: http://beccasafan.tumblr.com/mediabase?songs=missyou

Request via Twitter:

This generates a tweet request to a radio station to play Miss You.

Twitter Request: https://beccasafan.github.io/radio-promo/twitter/

#playmissyou is the hashtag to try and trend on twitter! You can add this hashtag to your twitter requests. 

Other ways to request:

Click these links below to open a page with links to pre-made tweets. Personalize the tweets!

UK Radio

US Radio Requests

(shoutout to beccasafan and tommosupport for these generators!)

Radio Promo Packages

C made two types of #OperationMissYou promo packages that have been shipped out to larger radio stations and several regional stations as follow-ups to the press releases - 30 in total! In the little tubes and striped envelopes were the M&M’s with custom Miss You-related phrases printed on them. The packages also included informational cards and a hand-written note. 



Post & Vote:  Post manips, lyric edits, fan art, or other artwork with the hashtag #OperationMissYou and a link to the song: Youtube or Spotify. Vote for Louis in the iHeartRadio Awards:

  • The iHeart website - Set VPN to US or Canada! 50 votes per day for Best Solo Breakout.
  • Twitter - Use hashtags #iheartawards #bestsolobreakout #LouisTomlinson(retweets also count)
  • Instagram - Log in to your account and create a new public post and use hashtags #iheartawards #bestsolobreakout #LouisTomlinson 
  • Facebook - Log in to your account and create a new public post using the hashtags #iheartawards #bestsolobreakout #LouisTomlinson
  • Voting closes March 4, 2018 12 AM EST.  


Our Thunderclap went live February 9 with 3,009 supporters and a social reach of 6,301,310!

Icons to Use on Social Media


Miss You Fan Vids

Operation Miss You Fan Art

Click image to see larger!