Louis Tomlinson Fans Launch #OperationMissYou to Increase Radio Play for “Miss You”

Washington, DC, February 2, 2018 - Once again, the die-hard fans of One Direction and Louis Tomlinson are demonstrating why they are the most hardworking fans around. Fed up with the limited radio push for Louis Tomlinson’s single, “Miss You,” fans are launching an effort to promote the song and increase radio play in the U.S.

“Miss You” was released in December 2017 via performances on the X Factor UK and Royal Variety Performance to great critical and fan response. Fans anticipated increased promotion in January 2018 following the success of the launch, but were baffled to see almost no promotion in the U.S. at all.

Refusing to let “Miss You” drop off the airwaves without being given a proper chance, fans have been working non-stop to promote the song via social media and by contacting radio DJs with the goal of increasing radio play and awareness of “Miss You.” Promotional activities are planned for February 5 - 9, including themed days devoted to watching, streaming, requesting, and voting for “Miss You,” and culminating in a Thunderclap (coordinated “crowdspeaking” social media message) on Friday, February 9. Within the first 5 days of its inception, the Thunderclap had already gained more than 900+ supporters with a social reach of 2,800,000+ potential new listeners. Fans have been reaching out to YouTubers, DJs, and the general public, encouraging them to make reaction videos, remixes, and covers of “Miss You.”

This isn’t the first time Louis Tomlinson fans have taken music promotion into their own hands. In May 2015, fans focused their efforts on the One Direction track “No Control,” co-written by Tomlinson and heavily featuring his vocals. Supporters created Project No Control to create a “fan release” and promote the song. The project trended worldwide, and purchases of the song increased by 1,674%. The track took the #1 spot on Billboard’s Trending Chart and garnered 1 million U.S. streams during the week of the fan release. Many of the same Project No Control supporters are participating in #OperationMissYou. In addition, fan fundraisers have raised more than $300,000 for charities since 2013.

The result of this hard work is a fan-driven publicity machine that would be the envy of any record label. Fans of Miss You are hopeful their efforts will lead to increased radio play, streams on streaming platforms like Spotify, and views of the Miss You video on YouTube., which has partnered with fans for #OperationMissYou, is a one-stop shop for devoted and casual Louis Tomlinson fans alike. The site creates unique content to promote Louis Tomlinson’s career endeavors and increase buzz about his music throughout the general public as he prepares to release his debut solo album.





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