We Made It

This song is rumored to be releasing October 3,2019.

About We Made It

Louis uploaded a snippet of this as yet untitled song on Instagram. Louis posted “Got a new mix for something for the album”.

Louis had answered tweets from fans about the song, clarifying that it was not called “Moonlight” and that it would be on the album and possibly even be a single.

In September 2019, a German site called Promiflash reported that another single is coming out October 3rd. From the site (translated):

A second song release is already scheduled. As Sony Music announced, the second single “We Made It” will be released on October 3rd.



Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Coming soon.


O My Lyrics

(full lyrics not available yet)

Oh My

I remember those times

Being with you

Cheap drinks

Cheers the whole night