Louis Tomlinson's Official Music Video to be Released

It’s happening! Louis’ official music video for his single ‘Two of Us’ comes out tomorrow, 5/16, at 5pm BST. Fans are a flurry as Tomlinson can be seen playing a piano in the teaser clip he released along with this announcement.

Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

‘Two of Us’ was released March 7, 2019.

Louis Tomlinson Releases Bucket List Video for Two Of Us

Louis Tomlinson released a bucket list video for Two Of Us. The video features an elderly man named Richard who lost his wife to Alzheimer's Disease. Richard had a bucket list of things he wanted to do and Louis helps him accomplish those tasks in the video. The bucket list includes a helicopter ride, driving a racecar, getting a tattoo (he gives Louis a tattoo instead), riding a rollercoaster, and singing in an arena. 

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Louis Tomlinson Addresses Album Process

Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to discuss what’s been happening with his album. He tweeted “Wanted to get this off my chest” and include the following message:

“Someone said something very interesting about how so many people focus on the 'end game' without enjoying the doing. I've been thinking a lot mre about what success means to me. I feel like I've been mistranslating it for the last 3 years. Everything I've ever known, in my career, is straight down the middle pop. My expectations and aspirations are all shaped around my my experiences, as much as I try and stay realistic I couldn't help but crave a 'hit' single. it's because of this that I've spent so long on this album, trying to fit into top 40 radio when in fact maybe I should start with what I love and work from there instead of trying to write to a more specific formulae. Over the last few weeks I've put a lot of things in to perspective and in fact what I should be doing is forgetting about perception and to a certain degree worry less about being defined  on a commercial success. Im'm not here to complete with the likes of drake and Ariana grande. I'm here to make music I love and make my fans proud to say they're a fan. Turning a page today. Enjoy today and enjoy the ride! Don't get lost on the way up.”


Louis’ tweet was covered by many media outlets and became a Twitter Moment.