Louis Tomlinson's Official Music Video to be Released

It’s happening! Louis’ official music video for his single ‘Two of Us’ comes out tomorrow, 5/16, at 5pm BST. Fans are a flurry as Tomlinson can be seen playing a piano in the teaser clip he released along with this announcement.

Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

‘Two of Us’ was released March 7, 2019.

Louis Tomlinson Releases Bucket List Video for Two Of Us

Louis Tomlinson released a bucket list video for Two Of Us. The video features an elderly man named Richard who lost his wife to Alzheimer's Disease. Richard had a bucket list of things he wanted to do and Louis helps him accomplish those tasks in the video. The bucket list includes a helicopter ride, driving a racecar, getting a tattoo (he gives Louis a tattoo instead), riding a rollercoaster, and singing in an arena. 

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