Louis Tomlinson Reveals He Auditioned For X Factor 3 Times on Day 2 of X Factor Auditions


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The second day of X Factor auditions started off with Louis Tomlinson again meeting fans outside, taking the time to chat with them and take photos.

Once filming started, fan reports began pouring in. Fellow judge Robbie Williams said of Louis: "[He's] incredibly eloquent, thoughtful and smart." Both Robbie and Louis even discussed adding to their tattoo collections together!

Louis' interaction with contestants was again heart-warming and down-to-earth, assuredly because he's been in their place before. Speaking to a contestant, he said, "You’ve made Yorkshire proud, us Yorkshire men wear our hearts on our sleeve.”

Louis also revealed something he'd never previously mentioned: that he'd auditioned for the X Factor three times! He shared the information while sympathizing with one contestant's rejection before running up to her and giving her a hug as she left the stage.


Louis had something particularly meaningful to say to a nervous contestant who blew the judges away with their vocals: "This show is about like people like you who don’t know good they are. That vibrato, I mean technically that was pretty crazy. You took us on a journey with that, and I was not expecting that, so thank you."

Of course, Louis is no stranger to the X Factor stage. His own X Factor audition was in 2010 for Season 7, where he sang "Hey There, Delilah" and made it through to the next round. During bootcamp, he didn't make it through as a solo act, but was combined with four other boys -  Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik to form One Direction...and the rest is history! Louis was a prolific songwriter during his time in One Direction, writing on 37 of their hits.

You can check out video performances of Louis' solo songs here or head over to our music section to get your hands on a copy of Just Hold On, Back to You, Just Like You, or Miss You