Project No Control

Project No Control was a fan-sponsored effort to promote the One Direction track, "No Control", which was written by Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. Fans set up a promotional effort that included  tweeting radio stations to encourage them to play the song, as well as creating a sponsorship program that matched fans in need of a copy of the song with fans who were buying copies of the song to gift to other fans. Purchases of the song increased by 1,674 percent and the track took the #1 spot on Billboard's Trending Chart. It garnered 1 million U.S. streams during the week of the fan release.

Said Louis Tomlinson of the project:
"I think [the project] is ... just a perfect example of just how unique and incredible and passionate our fans are." 

1D Fans Give Charity Drive

The 1D Fans Give charity drive has raised more than $250,000 for various charities over the years, but it began as a fan suggestion for what to do to celebrate Louis' 22nd birthday. Fans decided to honor Louis by raising money in his honor for charity and managed to raise their $22,222 goal and then some! While the idea spread to all the members of One Direction, almost half of the $250,000 raised has been just for Louis' birthday charity drives alone! Louis is known for his charitable efforts  and it's a quality that has been passed down to his fans.

Donate here to Louis' annual birthday charity drive to raise money for The Eden Dora Trust For Children With Encephalitis, a charity that Louis is a patron of

Project Home

Project Home was a fan initiative designed to promote the One Direction song, "Home." Throughout the month of May 2016, fans streamed, bought, Shazamed, and requested the track. The project also incorporated fandom artists who created artwork, videos, and edits to further publicize the track. The project achieved such popularity and publicity that Home was nominated for - and won - a 2016 Teen Choice Award for Choice Group Song. Through fans' efforts, the song trended at the #1 spot on Billboard's Trending Chart, trended worldwide on Twitter with the #ProjectHome hashtag, and received significant radio play. 

Operation Miss You


Operation Miss You was a fan-sponsored effort to promote Louis' track, "Miss You", which was released in late 2017. Fans set up a promotional effort that included streaming the song on Spotify, watching the video on YouTube, requesting that radio stations play the song, and creating fan art inspired by the song. DJSs were also sent promotional packages encouraging them to play the song. Some journalists and radio station DJs tweeted about the effort and Hits 93 Toronto played "Miss You" every hour. You can read more about it here.