We asked fans what question they would ask Louis if they could. Here’s their questions!


Louis, how do you know when a lyric is just right and when it needs to be readjusted and worked on?

Did you learn things about yourself during the creation of your songs?

What is it about a song that makes you love it? Examples please.

Are there any topics or concepts that he is not prepared to write a song about?

Will LT1 be on vinyl and cassette tape too?

Where do you like to write? What's the setting like. What are some things you like to have around? Favourite place. City, landmark, etc.

Which songwriter from any era would you like to write with? I have always dreamt you’d write with Gregg Alexander from New Radicals (they did the iconic “You Get What You Give”), and Sufjan Stevens, from a genre and style pov. Who do you dream of writing with, whom you think will really push your writing forward? Thank you.

What has been your favorite part of two of us promo so far?

What track do you think has been your favorite to write so far?

How usually your song is born i mean you are starting from an emotion? from a word?

What is your favorite song you’ve written?

You are an amazing song writer. Is there any song out there that you think to yourself, “Wow. I wish I wrote that”?

If you had to cover one of any other 1D members solo songs, which one would it be and why?

Does he think of the melodies while writing or only afterwards?

Does he only write in studio or does he do it at home or anyplace he is at at the moment too?

Where does inspiration strike the most?

Is there any specific piece of media (movies/books) or any place that has inspired any song he has recently written?

Have you ever written a song too personal that you know you will never release?

Do you find it harder to write lyrics that are extremely personal or those that are from another viewpoint/generalized tone?

When writing a song is his favorite part writing the lyrics or composing the music? Is it usually lyrics first and then music or has he ever written a song where he had the music in his head first and the lyrics came later?

What story do you think your trying to express/ tell in TOU?

What motivates him? How does he write his material. Does it come from the heart of mind? What inspires him? 

Where does he find his songwriting inspiration? How he chooses which songs go in the album tracklist?

Not every singer can or wants to write songs. You became one of the most prolific writers in your band. What attracted you to it and what’s your favorite part of creating a song start to finish (concept to recording and production)?

Louis, would you say that what took the longest wasn’t the writing or producing, but actually the emotional part that comes with making this album?


Since his collaborations with Steve and Bebe were so successful, who are some artists that he would love to do a collab with if given the chance?

What are the most important lessons that you've learned ever since you've been introduced to the industry?

I’d ask Louis what his top 5 biggest inspirations were when working on his upcoming music

Who are your biggest musical influences?

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re happy/sad/need to focus?

Has writing and creating music helped you in any way?

How does he work out what makes it on the album? Is there criteria is has to meet, a certain sound or vibe maybe, or is it just what feels right?

What advice for anyone trying to become a singer/songwriter

I'm someone who has so many songs that remind me of experiences. Not even talking about major ones but rather just songs that take me back to me going on a random drive with my best friend, my first time flying, exploring the city I moved to on my own during autumn and jumping through the leaves. I'd love to know if he also uses songs to remember the big or small moments or has one that brings up a random happy or funny memory. And if so, which one comes to mind?

What bands/music did he listen to growing up and which ones have had the most influence on his writing?

What was the process like learning to play guitar and piano as an adult?


Would love to hear what concept/style you have in mind for tour. Niall, for example, had a low key, small stage jam set up with a homey feel. What would LT tour be like in this case? How do you envision the staging, production and audience interaction. Thank you!

When you write a song with a group of people, how does it usually work for you does everyone first say their experience and then start writing?

Which instruments would he like to be able to play/ which instrument would he like to use in one of his song?

What do you most look forward to do when you go back on tour?

Will he be playing any instruments on TOU or for his album? How good of a guitar player at this point is he?

How did he go about picking members for his band? Was there a certain quality he was looking for?

Will Louis go to the Philippines 🇵🇭? coz my moms credit card is ready hahahaha.

What is his favorite part about touring and performing live?


Louis do you know how proud we are of you and everything you’ve achieved

Is he aware a large portion of his fans are lesbians?


Considering his continuous involvement with a variety of charities, is there anything he wants to get involved with in the future? Is there a cause he would want his fans to pay more attention to?


What's the most challenging thing about trying to balance authenticity and being in the public eye? How do you protect yourself?

How would you wish to be remembered? What would you want to have as your legacy not only as a musician and songwriter but as a human being?

What does he want to be remembered for?

What does he do to unwind from a stressful day?

Will you ever considered wearing braces again?

Would he consider acting in the future and has he ever received serious offers or done any auditions?

I’d like to ask Louis what his motivation is. He is young and super rich. He could retire, spend his days playing fifa and partying. What disrobes him the most?

I want to know if Louis was a sneaky and curious child? I also want to know if he's been working for Secret Service all along?

Where does he see himself in five years

If there was any advice he could give his younger self what would it be.

Which person of the past would you like to meet and what advice would you take from that person and if you could what advice would you give them?


What’s your favorite hobby outside of music and football?

What kind of books do you like to read?

What song would you like played at your funeral?

What album would you take with you if you were to be stranded on an island?

What song do you immediately turn off when it plays?

What is your favorite love song?

What is your favorite smoke sesh song?

Where is his favourite place in the world?

Who is Louis picking to win the Premier League Championship this year? Was he impressed that his Donny Rovers made it so far?

Other than his own, top 3 concerts Louis has ever been to?

If Louis was allowed to listen to only 5 songs for the rest of his life, which would he choose and why?


My question for louis is about traveling around the world- does he get to visit that city or country he goes to for work? Does he do some searching before about that place and culture?