This song is not released yet. It debuted at the Coca Cola Music Experience Festival in Madrid on September 14, 2019.

About Defenceless

Louis posted a set list for the Coca Cola Music Experience Festival that included Defenceless as one of the songs. Fans got their first listen at the Coca Cola Music Experience Festival during soundcheck and later during the performance.

Video by Gaëlle



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Defenceless Lyrics

(official lyrics are not out yet - these are from CCME performance)

i come running to you like a moth into a flame
you tell me take it easy but it’s easier to say
wish i didn’t (need) so much of you
hates the same words (-) 

sleeping on our problems and we’ll solve them in our dreams
wake up early morning and it’s (warm) under the sheets
lost in my head i’m struggling again 
to find words to say

been up all night
all night, running all my lines
but it’s only the truth

been up all night
not sure i’ll say this right
got so much to lose

never been so defenceless
never been so defenceless
you just keep on building up the fences
but i’ve never been so defenceless

you don’t have to keep on being strong for me and you
(i can) make you feel okay, you know i know you too
but you can’t get inside when you’re lost in your pride
you don’t have a thing to prove

i’m not asking too much
just wanna be loved
i’m too tired to be tough
just wanna be loved by you