2/13/19 What's Up Wednesday: Louis Tomlinson says "It's coming"!


The big news this week was Louis Tomlinson tweeting that “It’s coming” and DJ Mike Adam saying we’d get new music in Spring. Here’s what else happened this week:

2/6: Louis Tomlinson’s New Music Coming In Spring

2/7: Throwback Thursday: One Direction with Mike Adam

2/7: Jordan Green posted a picture of Louis

2/8: Fan Friday: Fans' Thoughts on Louis Tomlinson's New Music Coming in Spring

2/9: Saturday Swag: Louis Tomlinson in the Studio

2/10: Sunday Smiles: VIDEO - Louis Tomlinson- Smile :)

2/11: Louis Tomlinson Gives Update on Music Tweeting “It’s coming”

2/11: Music Monday: Moments Live on the Today Show

2/11: Mockups of Just Like You concepts with unseen pictures of fandom were posted online

2/12: Tasty Tuesday: Louis Tomlinson Staying Hydrated During a Concert