Mastermind: Louis Tomlinson's Collection of the Rarest Fashion Finds

Over the course of his solo career, Louis Tomlinson has developed a bit of a reputation in the fashion world. Not only is he a pioneer of a unique streetwear aesthetic, but he’s also a collector of some of the most exclusive fashion collaborations in the industry.

Louis showed off what is perhaps his rarest piece at a radio appearance in 2017. He wore a t-shirt from the 1999 collaboration between streetwear brand Supreme and hit TV crime drama The Sopranos. The item is described by Hypebeast as “one of the most sought-after slash rarest pieces ever released”. It was even on High Snobiety’s list of the most obscure Supreme box logo tees ever.

In an Instagram photo posted in 2017, Louis wore a vintage Sparta Rotterdam football sweatshirt by one of his favorite athleisure brands, Kappa. The piece is exceedingly rare. At the time of Louis’ Instagram post, only one of them was for sale on the internet - and another hasn’t been spotted since. Louis Tomlinson Fashion Archive concurs, calling it “a truly rare find that even we can no longer find a year later”.

Finally, his most recent fashion find is from a 2017 collaboration between mastermind JAPAN x F.C. Real Bristol. In an Instagram video, Louis wore a hooded sweatshirt from the collection emblazoned with “mastermind” and a skull graphic.

Fans quickly matched the sweatshirt to a pair of coordinating sweatpants Louis wore for the Back To You teaser video in summer 2017.

The collection combines mastermind JAPAN’s trademark skull graphic with F.C.R.B.’s star motif for an exclusive all-black five-piece set that dropped in March of 2017. The pieces were only sold online from Tokyo retailer Hankyu Men’s, and they remain highly coveted a year later. Both brands produce streetwear and athleisure-inspired clothes, aligning perfectly with Louis’ sense of style.

As Louis’ solo career progresses, his wardrobe is sure to include even more rare, exclusive pieces. We can’t wait to watch his collection grow!